EAA provides a range of appropriate services to support both domestic and international students during their enrolment with the college. The support services have been tailored to meet individual needs of students and provide prompt response to address a wide array of difficulties a student may face, thus ensuring student friendly approach to make their stay with EAA most enjoyable. EAA students can access our range of support services by either contacting one of listed staff below or via email at info@eaa.edu.au


Key Contact Details

Position Name Contact Number
Chief Executive Officer Isaac Frenkel (03) 9654 3433
Compliance Manager Raj (03) 9654 3433
(04) 3302 1254
Senior Marketing Manager Lily F. Suriya (03) 9654 3433
(04) 4961 2533
Student Support Services Esther Mokoroa (03) 9654 3433

Student Support Services

The student services at EAA will include the followings:

  • Student counselling
  • Learning support services
  • Academic and course monitoring
  • Employment services
  • Legal services (external)
  • Student welfare
  • Orientation program
  • Complaints and appeal procedure.
  • and for International Students
    • Post arrival services- meet and greet program
    • Accommodation and/or Airport pickup


Student Meet and Greet Program (International Students ONLY)
EAA recognise the necessity of meet and greet program. There are always a few days space between student’s arrival and course commencement. This is the most crucial time for a newly arrived student when they feels lonely, deprived and homesickness being away from family, friends and familiar environment. A small meeting at the airport and arrangement for transport, living accommodation and initial counselling plays a vital role to make students transition a hassle free experience. The following will be ensured by the student support officer while meeting and greeting the newly arrived student of EAA:


Make the student to contact their relatives upon arrival to let them know about his/her safe arrival, and

  • Offer cup of tea or coffee
  • Inform about 000 emergency number
  • Use of fire alarm at living place
  • Visit to beach and entering in the water
  • Exposure to sun
  • Road and railway crossing
  • Use of public transport and nearest shopping place
  • Nearest medical facility and OSHC card details
  • Non smoking areas, road code and signs, speed limits, drink driving and use of seat belt by driver and occupants
  • Use of gadgets of daily use including heating and cooling equipment;
  • Guidance on opening of bank accounts, Tax File Number, purchase of phone and driving licence etc;
  • Providing any other assistance requested by the student.


Orientation Program

EAA will provide an age and culturally sensitive orientation program for domestic and international students. The programmes will be structured in accordance with the student coherent. The students will be given support in information to assist them in completing their studies with EAA and their rights and obligations.  This program will be appropriate and thorough and allow access to students, including late arrivals and students who begin at different entry points.


Documentation and information to be provided at the orientation includes:

  • Emergency and Health Facilities
  • Legal Services
  • Transport and travel between campuses
  • Study support and welfare related services
  • Security measures
  • Ban on littering, spitting and urinating in public places
  • EAA fees and fee refunds
  • Assessment
  • Recognition of prior learning / credit transfer
  • EAA contact people
  • Communication (e.g. internet and mobile phones)
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Student code of behaviour
  • Attendance requirements
  • Course progress requirements
  • Keeping address and contact details up-to-date
  • Use of Complements, Complaints and Suggestion box for speedy redresses of complaints/concern
  • Student handbook (even though the students were given this copy before enrolment)
  • EAA staff and contact details
  • Assessment of competencies procedure
  • Student complaints and appeals procedure
  • Student behaviour procedure
  • Checked their enrolment status and made any necessary amendments to information
  • Obtained the names and contact details of key administrative personnel in the EAA
  • Acquired course textbooks and any other materials necessary
  • Understood the terms “cheating” and “plagiarism” as they pertain to study at EAA
  • Familiarisation with the key support services of the EAA
  • The type of assessment they will receive in their course
  • Understood the EAA academic progress requirements
  • And for International Studnets
    • Visa requirements and support services
    • Working and student visa requirements
    • Keeping a valid OSHC while on student visa
    • Health insurance
    • Use of public transport
    • Use of taxis
    • Rail and road crossings
    • Safety measures in the home
    • English skills and study
    • Completion of the course in the normal amount of time
    • Information regarding adjusting to life in Australia


Student Employment Cell
Practical Placement officer heads the student placement cell. Students may contact him with their resume and employment records for placement depending upon the skill level of potential student and availability of placement places.


Referral to External Services
At times, it may be required to refer students to external support services to deal with their specific problems or situations. Staff engaged in the student support services will ensure that the students are referred to appropriate organisations and services.

Student support services staff can assist personally and provide with information on many issues such as:


  • Accommodation including student’s rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • Legal issues
  • Going to court
  • Resume preparation
  • Appointments for counselling and welfare services
  • Personal problem e.g. homesick, loneliness, harassment, bullying

These services will be provided at no additional cost to the student. If EAA refers the student to external support services, EAA will not charge for the referral.

EAA may also invite specialised people from the industry, legal aid, ACPET etc, for the benefit of it’s students.

Bank of Melbourne is proud to support EAA by providing banking services to it’s students and employees. We can provide free transactional banking to students with branch, ATM and Internet Banking access to make your banking convenient. For opening account and any other query, please contact Mahazarin (Maz) Amalsadiwala on 0435 339 567 or email amalsadiwalam@bankofmelbourne.com.au

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